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Meet Dr. Simarta Brennan Prescod, MD/MPH; Physician, Speaker & Writer

Meet Dr. Simarta Brennan-Prescod, your dedicated business coach and mentor. With a background in medicine and a journey marked by resilience, Dr. Brennan-Prescod understands the delicate balance between managing a demanding career and navigating personal challenges like living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


Her experiences have shaped her passion for empowering small businesses and recognizing the importance of resilience and balance in achieving success. Drawing from her expertise in entrepreneurship and her medical background, Dr. Brennan-Prescod is committed to guiding entrepreneurs towards sustainable growth.


She offers not just business insights but also invaluable support in navigating life's complexities. With Dr. Brennan-Prescod as your mentor, you'll gain not only practical business strategies but also the resilience and balance needed to thrive in both your professional and personal life.

In her spare time, she enjoys arts and crafts with her 3 kids (ages 8, 7 and 7 years old), traveling, reading, scuba diving and writing. She has written a new book titled: “The parts we don’t talk about” A memoir of her breaking her silence about her resilience, hardship and determination needed to live under the radar as a doctor, patient and caregiver.  The parts we don’t talk about address the trumps in the author’s life in the face of hearing “No”, facing failures and physical challenges. Addresses biases in medical training towards colleagues, racial inequality, pregnancy and the treatment of doctors living with chronic disease, such as MS.

She volunteers locally in the public school system to promote and educate elementary school kids in regards to pursuing a career in medicine.  

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